Corbett Guest House - Victoria BC Bed and Breakfast with custom adventures, sailing, bed and breakfast in Victoria BC



Both Corbett House Bed and Breakfast and it's owner/operator have a rich and intersting past. While this page tries to illustrate the best parts of the story, the only way to truly learn about Corbett Guest house Bed & Breakfast is to book a room and spend time with the owner.

About the Owner

Darren Corbett Tomlin was raised in the area and started his hospitality career with the Banff Springs Hotel. He worked at the Gastof Post Hotel in Lech, Austria, a small town in the Arlberg ski region. He then opened his own mountain lodge and restaurant in Revelstoke, BC where he spent 10 years taking his guests into the back-country on skiing and snowmobile tours. Darren’s passion for the ocean drew him back to Vancouver Island to open Corbett Guest House and he looks forward to ensuring his guests have a memorable visit to the Island and “Sidney by the Sea.”

The Heritage

The Corbett name is of Scottish origin, dating back to around the 12th century. The name Corbett is said to be derived from the French "corbeille", meaning raven or a person with dark hair.

Corbett Guest House - Victoria BC Bed and Breakfast with custom adventures, sailing, bed and breakfast in Victoria BC

Corbett is an English-language surname. It is derived from the Anglo-Norman French, Middle English, and Old French "corbet", which is a diminutive of corb, meaning "raven". The surname probably originated from a nickname referring to someone with dark hair or a dark complexion like a raven's.

The surname was brought to England from Normandy and spread to Scotland in the 12th century. It was also propagated into Northern Ireland in the 17th century.Early instances of the name are Corbet in Shropshire, recorded in Domesday Book in 1086; Corbet in Shropshire, recorded in the Assize Rolls of Worcestershire in 1158. In oxforshire, the name "le Corbet" was first noted in the Eynsham Cartulary in 1323.

Variations of the surname include: Corbet, and Corbitt. Corbett is sometimes an Anglicised form of the Irish surnames Ó Corbáin and Ó Coirbín, which mean "descendant of Corbán" and "descendant of Coirbín", respectively.

The Family Crest

The family crest is a raven on a yellow background. The motto translates into "God feeds the ravens". While this may seem orthogonal to a bed and breakfast, the motto's meaning is highly relevant.

At Corbett guest House, you are treated as royalty. The entire experience from start to finish is designed to give you the best value for your dollar and leave you feeling empowered and enriched by the experience.

How does this related to a Victoria, BC Bed & Breakfast?

The rich heritage of the family is inherent in every aspect of your experience. each guest is literally treated as an extended family member and provided every courtesy. To understand this, please check out our testimonials below or many of our independent ratings. Corbett Guest House has grown based on the recommendations of guests, not advertising or any other form.